TN Lab’s Room Odorizer Maximum Impact Spray is a useful cleaning solvent and room odorizer that helps keep a room fresh after a good cleaning. Maximum Impact Spray is a solvent. Solvents break up stains, dissolve dirt stains and help prevent residue from coming back to freshly cleaned surfaces. Maximum Impact spray also keeps things smelling good.

Cleaning Tips for College Students

One group of people who may not be used to cleaning as much as college students. They may be used to others cleaning up for them and are shocked when it comes to maintaining their own rooms. They may use cleaning solvents and room odorizers to keep their college dorm rooms and apartments clean. Here are some tips for college students to help them as they begin to care for their own spaces.

Wipe down counter spaces and common spaces

Using a fresh cloth or paper towels, spray some cleaner on any shared or personal countertop spaces and sink surfaces. Wipe down the inside of your refrigerators once a month and throw away any old or expired food. Wipe down the inside and outside of your microwave too, to keep old food from crusting onto cooking surfaces.

Make sure to dust

Most college dorm rooms are filled with personal electronics, stereos, laptops, TVs and gaming systems. Dust is attracted to electronics so dusting will help keep the particles away.

Wash dishes when you use them

Washing dishes as you use them prevents mold and mildew from forming on them. Create a dishwashing space or at least have a dishwashing pan filled with dish soap, a sponge and a drying cloth that you can use in the dorm communal bathroom if you don’t have a sink.

Vacuum and sweep the floors

Keeping the floors swept or vacuumed if you have access to a vacuum helps keep dirt levels down. If you don’t have a vacuum, shake out your area rugs outside once a semester to get rid of all the debris brought in on your shoes. Spraying a room odorizer will help keep things smelling fresh.

Take out the trash

Probably one of the smelliest areas in any dorm room or apartment is the area around the garbage. Make sure to take out the trash at least once a week and line your garbage cans with disposable liners. You can spray a room odorizer and other sprays like Lysol to disinfect the cans and keep the area around the garbage cans clean and smelling fresh.

Keeping things clean and fresh smelling contributes to a happier dorm environment so you can study and relax and not worry about dirt and odor.