Summer storms have been particularly strong across the United States this year. These storms often come with inches of rain that can cause flash flooding, which can be bad news for homeowners. When flooding occurs, it can be extremely difficult to rid a room of the musty smell brought on by mold and residue. Fortunately, Bolivian Rock Concentrated Room Odorizer can help.

Water damage can lead to a need for all types of repairs, but many homeowners are left shaking their heads as to why a room still smells musty once those repairs are complete. The most likely answer is that mold has grown in hidden areas. Mold breeds best in damp and dark places. It is why a flooded basement is a dream scenario for mold. When flooding occurs, all damp places must be inspected for mold. Affected areas either need to be ripped out and removed or cleaned thoroughly. Large fans and dehumidifiers can get to work once the areas are cleaned or removed. It’s important to do everything in one’s power to dry out areas – even after they are cleaned. Carpets can store water for a very long time, so all rugs must be lifted up and inspected for water.

When things are finally clean and an unpleasant smell remains, it’s a great time to look into an room odorizer. Bolivian Rock concentrated room odorizer not only improves the scent of any area, it is also known for providing calming effects. Who could not use some calming effects after going through the stresses associated with flooding? Bolivian Rock has been proven to purify a space, improve the smell of a room, help people with their sleep and even assist in meditation practices.

A Bolivian Rock room odorizer is great after a flooding incident, but there are so many other reasons why a room in a home may deal with unpleasant smells. It is not uncommon for homeowners to grow accustomed to unpleasant smells that come with raising pets or smoking inside the home. However, for those that have guests coming to visit their home, it is important to do everything possible to ensure a pleasant breathing experience. How a home smells is a direct reflection on the people who live in the home. An odorizer that provides a pleasant smell can provide one of the quickest solutions to a home odor issue.