From healing rituals to spiritual ceremonies to household freshening, incense has been a long-standing tradition in many cultures for centuries. Historically seen in ancient Egypt, Greece, and China, it holds a therapeutic and spiritual place in many people’s hearts, bodies, and souls.

These days, many incense products exist, but a room odorizer is undoubtedly the best way to customize the scent of any room long-term. Whether individuals want the calming effects of Bolivian Rock or the most popular Come Back aroma, they can get it all here.

Room Odorizers: For Long-Lasting Freshness

Despite the similar name, odorizers are not deodorizers — they’re superior. The latter masks an unpleasant smell, while the former adds an aroma for long-lasting freshness throughout the entire room. 

Odorizers contain nitrates that seep into the air, releasing the chosen scent as they go. They’re designed to be left open inside a room to ensure it smells great for hours to come.

A Scent for Everyone

Unlike candles or other forms of incense, room odorizers work near-instantly to transform the scent of a room, allowing users to customize their home to their hearts’ content. 

No matter an individual’s preferred aroma profile, they’re bound to find something to tickle their fancy from Top Notch Labs. 

They can choose from:

  • Bolivian Rock — Boasting a fresh, purifying scent, Bolivian Rock helps users achieve better sleep and enhances the smell quality of the room. Meditators love the natural qualities of this aroma for its calming, peace-inducing effects.
  • Come Back — The most popular scent, allowing individuals to use it alone or with essential oils for an even greater burst of sweet-smelling air.
  • Fish Scales — Perhaps the most original scent available, it improves with time like fine wine. Fear not; the name refers to the shimmery incandescence of the powder itself, not the smell. 
  • Lido-Scent — Like Come Back, it can be used with essential oils to enhance the scent. It’s easily one of the bestsellers. 
  • Miami Ice — This one is for those who like cooler freshness. As the name suggests, it delivers a snowy aroma akin to ski slopes.
  • Peruvian Flake — Those new to room odorizers should try this one as it’s remained highly popular since its inception. A truly tried-and-true scent!
  • R10 — An intense aroma that odorizer lovers will not be disappointed by.
  • Summa Cense — Users who want to inject a dose of summer essence into their room can’t go wrong with Summa Cense.
  • Subzero — Last but not least, Subzero is the latest scent that works wonders for odorizing rooms and carpets.

How to Use Odorizers to Customize the Scent of a Room

Upon choosing a fragrance, users can easily achieve great-smelling spaces by following these four simple steps:

  1. Pick the scent. 
  2. Open the bottle.
  3. Leave in a room to let the chosen scent permeate the air. 
  4. Once finished odorizing, put the cap back on to use again another time.

The Bottom Line

Customizing any room is easy with odorizers. Pop the cap, leave it in a safe place, and revel in the freshness!